Operating System

NexDir is cross platform and will run on either a Windows server or Linux server.

Database Middleware

NexDir is written using the Coldfusion CFML scripting language and requires Adobe's Coldfusion Server version 4.5 or newer (version 5 is recommended). It should be possible to use New Atlanta's BlueDragon CFML server also although this has not yet been tested. I am also studying the feasibility of using the new railo CFML engine.


The currently deployed system uses the Microsoft Access database but any SQL database that interfaces to Coldfusion should suffice. We have deployed an internal system that runs under Linux and uses the MySQL database and tests are underway using the Firebird open source database server running under both Windows and Linux.

Web Server

Current deployments of NexDir use the open source Apache web server, but any web server which interfaces with ColdFusion should work although if you want to take advantage of automatic web server configuration, Apache should be used.

Accessory Software

NexDir also requires the installation of several open source accessories:

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